Analysts name the most popular destinations for Russians in January

OneTwoTrip: in January, the most frequent searchers for flights to Moscow, Sochi and Istanbul

Most often Russians searched for flights in January in Moscow, Sochi, St. Petersburg and Turkey, according to a study of the ticket search service OneTwoTrip, which is available to RBC.

According to the service, 55% of users were looking for tickets for Russia. Moscow accounted for 20.5% of searches, Sochi – 12.4%, St. Petersburg – 10.9%. Russians are also interested in flights to Mineralnye Vody (3.9%), Kaliningrad (2.9%), Kazan (2.7%), Yekaterinburg and Makhachkala (2.6% each), Ufa (2.5%) and Novosibirsk (2.4%).

Among foreign destinations Turkey’s Istanbul was the leader (12.9% of searches). Then comes Armenian capital Yerevan (6.5%) and Thai island Phuket (5.7%). Other popular destinations, in descending order, are Antalya (Turkey), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Bangkok (capital of Thailand), Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan), Dushanbe (capital of Tajikistan), Baku (capital of Azerbaijan) and Osh (capital of Kyrgyzstan).

OneTwoTrip also named the average cost of air tickets to these destinations. The most expensive was a flight to Phuket – 57.8 thousand rubles. It’s followed by Bangkok – 49.6 thousand rubles, and Dubai (30 thousand rubles). The cheapest outbound destination was a flight to Osh (12 thousand rubles). It’s cheaper to fly to Mineralnye Vody (average price – 6.6 thousand rubles), Novosibirsk – the most expensive (9.6 thousand rubles).

Analysts reviewed the requests for the departures from 1 to 31 January. For domestic destinations, the average cost of a one-way flight from all Russian cities was compared. For foreign destinations, the average cost of a flight from Moscow per passenger has been calculated.

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