Turkey sees “French-fed snake” after protests in Paris

Turkish Defense Ministry head speaks of “French-fed snake” after Paris riots

The recent riots in Paris involving supporters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) showed that the snake, fed by the French, began to sting itself. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, quoted by TRT Haber and T24, said.

“The snake fed by the French has begun to bite itself. Now everyone should see the true face of this terrorist organization,” the minister said. Anadolu Agency published another version of the phrase: “The snake, nourished by the French, has begun to sting itself.”

Turkey considers the Kurdistan Workers’ Party a terrorist organization.

On the evening of December 23 in the tenth arrondissement of Paris (located in the city center), a 69-year-old man opened fire on people in Rue Engien, near the Ahmet-Kaya Kurdish Cultural Center. He shot and killed three members of the Kurdish community and wounded three others. The shooter was later arrested.

Riots broke out in the city afterwards and clashes broke out between members of the community and the police. Le Parisien’s correspondent reported that protesters chanted, “PKK, martyrs don’t die!” In the evening of the same day, the protests ended.

The next day, during the mourning events for those killed, the clashes resumed. As a result, 31 police officers were wounded and 11 members of the community were detained. Paris police prefect Laurent Nunez said the mourning events began “normally,” but then a “van with Turkish flags” drove near the demonstration, which “provoked young people.”

President Emmanuel Macron said after the shooting that “French Kurds were the target of a vile attack in the heart of Paris. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said the shooter had no accomplices and was aiming at foreigners.

During the interrogation the detainee himself called himself a racist, reported France 24. A criminal case was filed against him on murder and attempted murder, premeditated violence with weapons and violation of the law on firearms. On Dec. 24, the man was transferred to the police psychiatric infirmary.

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