Turkey said that 45% of the grain exported from Ukraine was delivered to Europe

Turkish Ministry of Transport: about 50% of agricultural products exported from Ukraine were delivered to Europe

More than 15 million tons of agricultural products were shipped through the grain corridor, from August 1 to December 25, 585 dry cargo ships left Ukrainian ports, the Ministry of Transport of Turkey said

About 50% of the agricultural products exported from Ukraine through the grain corridor were delivered to the European countries and 12% – to the African countries. This was reported by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey Adil Karaismailoglu, reports Anadolu.

“15% of all products exported along the grain corridor were delivered to Turkey. Africa received 12%, Asia 29% and Europe 44%,” he said.

In total, 15.8 million tons of 13 varieties of agricultural products were exported along the grain corridor. From the ports of Ukraine from August 1 to December 25, 585 dry cargo ships left the ports, 171 dry cargo ships arrived to Turkey.

In July Russia and Ukraine separately signed an agreement with Turkey and the UN on the export of agricultural products, which included two parts. One concerned the export of grain from Ukrainian ports through a safe sea corridor in the Black Sea, and the other concerned the lifting of restrictions on Russian exports of grain and fertilizers.

The Ukrainian part of the deal is being implemented; however, as Moscow has repeatedly pointed out, the second part of the agreement is not being fulfilled.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also criticized the process of export of agricultural products from Ukraine. Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum, he said that Western countries “cheated” and “blatantly screwed” the poorest countries in Africa over the grain deal, since most of the products go to Europe.

As of Oct. 9, he said, only two of 87 ships laden with grain had sailed to the poorest countries – about 3 percent of the total production. 

In October, Moscow announced its withdrawal from the agreement, explaining the decision by the attack of Ukrainian drones on Russian vessels in Sevastopol, which were securing the grain corridor. A few days later, Russia returned to the deal: the Foreign Ministry explained that Ukraine provided clear guarantees that such attacks would not be repeated. Kiev said that it did not assume any new obligations.

The deal was set to expire on November 19, but on Thursday the parties said it had been extended for 120 days.

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